HOPE Project

What Is The HOPE Project?

The HOPE Project is a non - profit organization that offers survivors OF ABUSE basic life necessities.

Join us in the fight against ABUSE and donate below.


We Partner with Local Agencies to Provide Supplies

Our goal is to offer hope to survivors along with the financial means to continue their journey of restoration.

White Field is proud to be an all-natural home and body product company that offers job training, employment, and life necessities to women survivors of abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, and addiction.

Agencies We Have Partnered With

Your Donations Are Needed

Make a donation of any amount or sponsor a program each month. Monetary donations in check form or gift cards (Walmart, Target, fast food) are also accepted by mail:

Hope Project / P.O. Box 183 / Clarksville, MO / 63336

The Pantry

The women survivors we serve are offered access to a full pantry of food items, household products, personal hygiene products, and other necessities. 

Monthly Sponsorship: $400

Employee Lunch

Each time White Field Farm employees come to work, they are provided with a full nutritional meal; something they do not always have access to.

Monthly Sponsorship: $200

Employee Travel

The women survivors who are employed at White Field Farm do not have easy access to transportation. Help sponsor their travel costs. 

Monthly Sponsorship: $160

Personal Needs

The women survivors we serve often have numerous financial needs such as clothing, shoes, and various other items. 

Monthly Sponsorship: $150

Emergency Care Bags

Many women survivors serve time in prison for prostitution, drugs, or petty crimes.  When they are released, they are in desperate need of basic necessities.  Donate the cost of one bag or assemble a bag / bags.

Click here to assemble a bag