About Us

Our History

we began our business with the desire to support women survivors.

White Field Farm is an all - natural home + body product company that offers employment + job training to women survivors of abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking + addiction.

We are a social enterprise designed to offer a foundation to survivors of abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking + addiction so they can build a future for themselves.  We provide a safe + professional environment where survivors can grow holistically – encouraging self - worth, restoration + confidence.

Survivors often end up in a myriad of difficult life situations causing them to have great difficulty finding stability and employment.  Without a strong foundation, survivors often are forced to remain in very difficult situations with  no sign of hope in their future.

Long Island, NY

In 2014 we launched White Field Farm in Long Island, NY as a social enterprise + pushed ourselves to become profitable enough to hire local women survivors + give them a chance to get on their feet. In 2017 we hired our first 2 survivors.  We continued to strive to find ways to grow our business, + decided that creating a manufacturing facility in the Midwest would provide us with the best road forward.

Clarksville, Missouri

In 2019 we opened our pouring studio on the banks of the Mississippi River in Clarksville, Missouri.  We are able to employ women survivors as well as offer much needed sustainable jobs in a small, rural town.

Your support creates a ripple of healing -  you heal your skin with our natural products + help offer healing to the survivors who create them!  


Our Dream

Our goal is to offer survivors of abuse gainful employment and job skills.

We hope to continue growing so that we can hire as many women survivors as possible.


Handcrafted for the Highest Quality

Naturally Pure Products That Support Women Survivors