Our History

Our dream began in 2009 with a desire to support local women.

White Field Farm is an all – natural home + body product company that offers support to women survivors of all abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking + addiction + is run by a small community of Greek Orthodox nuns.

When we began our sisterhood in 2009, we had a dream that we could find a way to offer support to local women. As we grew we began producing soap + candles to support ourselves. As our business grew, we learned about the epidemic of human trafficking in America + that it reaches every corner of every neighborhood.  Learning more about human trafficking opened our eyes to the reality that women suffer many forms of abuse + wanted to open our doors to more women survivors.

Women victims often end up in prison for prostitution or petty crimes, and once released have great difficulty finding stability and staying off the streets because they cannot find employment.  Women who have suffered any abuse benefit greatly from working in a loving, kind, safe environment.

In 2016 we officially launched White Field Farm as a social enterprise and pushed ourselves to become profitable enough to hire local women survivors and give them a chance to get on their feet. We have employed five women + hope to continue growing and hiring as many women survivors as we can.


Our Dream

Our goal is to offer women survivors of abuse a safe, loving, kind working environment, where they can obtain gainful employment + job skills.

We hope to continue growing so that we can hire as many women survivors as possible.


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Naturally Pure Products That Support Women Survivors